Last Making

I’ve been making shoes and boots on my home made lasts for a few years now and am finally ready to offer a last making class!

As some of you know I’ve been teaching various styles of ‘Non-Lasted” shoe constructions for many years… I have been “Slip-Lasting” many of my shoes/boots but until recently haven’t been designing those shoes on a last. A few years ago i built my first pair of lasts from scratch and have been experimenting with and refining the shape ever since. In that time I’ve learned a lot about lasts and am still learning… there is sooo much to unpack when moving from making shoes designed on a casting of the foot -vs- designing shoes on a ready made last and or on the lasts i made to be shaped more like my own feet. I’ll talk freely with you about my experiences and what i’ve observed working with the different forms. We’ll talk about the relatively short history of producing shoes/boots on lasts and why lasts are shaped they way they are compared to the actual shapes of our feet.

We’ll take detailed measurements and silhouette tracings of the side, back profiles and soles of your feet. We will not be starting with a pre made last shape…. You’ll have a unique opportunity to make lasts that are truly the shape of your foot and ankle! We will completely customize your lasts to achieve the styling and fit you want. This process is my own unique method and stems from my 20 + years of making/teaching custom shoe making…

No experience is necessary but be aware that we’ll be using heavy power tools like bandsaws, grinders and sanders to work hardwoods like Ash, Hickory and Maple in this class. I’ll spend a bit of time going over basic safety precautions but a general level of comfort using power tools would be a plus!

Contact me for scheduling availability as i’m only offering this in a one on one (or very small group) setting for now… we’ll need 5-6 days to complete our lasts. I’m offering this class initially for $1400. i’ll raise the price in the coming year to somewhere around $2k but for now since it’s a new offering i’ll keep the price low… If you’re interested in making a pair of shoes on your new lasts let’s talk about my new English Welted Dress Shoe Class!

If you’ve already reserved a private last making class, you can pay your class fees via PayPal: