I teach a variety of 3 to 7 day long shoemaking courses designed to introduce you to a wide range of patterning and leather working skills. Classes are held at my home basement, and garage workshops in North Portland. From the complete beginner, to practicing leather workers, designers and experienced shoe makers, there’s plenty for everyone to learn.

I teach several styles of “NON LASTED” shoe construction.

Most of you are familiar with the old wooden shoe forms seen in antique shops. Those are lasts. Most shoes built on a last end up being very stiff and narrow in the toes (think men’s dress shoes, cowboy boots, and high heeled fashion shoes) . What we do is very different from that!

In class we’ll start by making a casting of your foot/feet. We use the natural shape of your feet when patterning our shoes, achieving a really comfortable fit.  Our shoes are generally really flexible as well. 

My philosophy is that the first and most important thing a pair of shoes needs to do is protect your feet from hot, cold, wet, sharp things on the ground.  Other than that, a shoe should stay out of your foot’s way and allow it to work as it is designed to work. That said, I do understand that many of us have existing foot health problems. Please bring your custom orthotics and “Correct Toes” to class with you. We’ll make room for them in our shoes!