trade blanket barter for shoemaking classes and custom made shoes

i like to barter… BUT! i do have bills to pay and am happy to be paid for my services. i will only consider bartering for things i really want and need!


are you a…

nanny? daycare for my 3 year old daughter.

auto mechanic? HELP! my van won’t start..

skilled carpenter? i have various projects around the house including kitchen remodel, back yard tree house remodel, back porch patio re cover (vinyl cover with repainting existing wood frame)  and benches build..

skilled plumber? kitchen remodel, out door project sink..

pro photographer/videographer?

bee keeper? i love 5 gallon buckets of honey!

run a csa? we all gotta eat! i love vegetables and fruit…

experienced blade smith tool maker? i’m looking for someone who can collaborate with me on a few tools including skiving blades and awls…

i’d also be happy to trade for…

real maple syrup…!

website, i need a more robust shopping kart… or at least help figuring mine out a bit better!

website, branding and marketing work.

screen printing services (t-shirts mostly).

tools for trade? hand woodworking tools, shoe making tools, a plainer,  a better drill press and table saw, sewing machines

acherage! land…

massage, acupuncture, reflexology..

bark tanned leather!

wood stove installation.


retail location in portland for classes and future shoemaking school.

a toyota pick up truck!

a sprinter or large cargo van for conversion into a mobile shoe making school!

use the contact page to get in touch…







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