making a pair of lasts


my friend and i decided to attempt making a couple pairs of lasts! here are a few pictures from out first two pairs… i’ll update with detailed descriptions and more photos of the first few pairs of shoes made on them as i have time.


    making an adze from a ball-peen


    while teaching a series of classes at north house last year i noticed carving instructor jon strom had a number of bowl carving adzes he’d made from old ball peen hammer heads. after seeing a picture of them my friend dean brought me a couple of old hammer heads for my birthday and of course he was up for attempting to make a couple of adzes with me… here’s how it went..

    rabbit house

    amma and bunnies

    about a year and a half ago a friend gave me 2 rabbits, a male and a female, i read a couple of straight forward books on keeping meat rabbits and following the advice in the books i built two 3′ x 3′ x 1′ wire mesh cages and hung them from the inside of my chicken coops larger “run” area… the rabbits seemed miserable from the start, sitting lifelessly in the corners of their wire cages.

    i imagined there must be a better way soo i started digging out a little used portion of the chicken coop, re enforcing the under ground wire mesh to keep racoons, dogs and possums from digging in, filled it back in with about 6 inches of dirt and straw and transferred the rabbits as quickly as possible…  and they were soooo happy! they immediately began exploring their new digs.

    the female had a small litter of 3 bunnies inside an old hollowed out cedar stump i’d put in her pen to give her some privacy. we still kept the male and female (+ 3 bunnies) separate and i was beginning to realize that it would soon be getting pretty cramped inside mamma rabbits pen so i started working on a bigger and better rabbit house… i dug out an old thimble berry patch next to the chicken coop and decided to build this one down as well as out and up. while happier on the ground in the new pen the rabbits didn’t really get to dig as the wire was only about 6 inched below the floor of their pen. in the new rabbit house i dug down about 2 feet and after building the frame wired it all up and down, filled it back in with dirt and turned the rabbits loose. again they seemed sooo very pleased to have more room to move and run about. with the next litter mamma rabbit had 6 babies and this time i kept the male together with the whole clan. they all seemed to get along nicely for quite some time. buck, the pappa rabbit, did indeed pester mamma now and then but he seemed to give up after a while and she seemed to have no problem letting him know she wasn’t interested. the young rabbits grew quickly eating mostly weeds from our garden, they dug and impressive network of tunnels and rooms in the new rabbit house. the underground was soo extensive that when surprised all 8 full sized rabbits would jump up, run and dive below ground. all 8 rabbits would be below ground at the same time! i did however eventually separate buck from the group after about 4 1/2 months as he was starting to incessantly attempt to hump every rabbit in the house. he was a bit depressed after i took him out… so i thought if i build another house and find another breeding female buck can spend a few months with each family in turn…

    soooo…. i built another rabbit house. here is a photo album documenting the process. i’ll update it with more pics as new family members arrive.

    labrador passage

    filmmaker and explorer peter marshall contacted me last year about making him a pair of boots for this journey. i made the boots, he’s tested them out on a short run canoe trip and he’s now making final preparations for his epic labrador passage! …AND there is a brief interview with yours truly in the film! check the trailer out..

    LABRADOR PASSAGE is a documentary film project co-produced by Twin Cites Public Television that follows two men who will set out in June, 2014, to retrace Mina Hubbard’s historic 1905 canoe journey through Labrador. The unique aspect of the trip is that the crew will only use non-synthetic equipment. We’re talking the classics here: waxed canvas tent, tin-cloth rain gear, and a cedar canvas canoe. Much of this equipment that will be used will be handmade by local craftspeople. On this website, you can acquaint yourself with the history of the expedition, as well as the process of putting the outfit together.

    and here is an article about peter and his preparations for the trip…


      north house summer 2013


      i spent 5 weeks this summer at north house folk school in grand marais minnesota teaching shoe making and learning as well… i participated in a timber framing basics class, had the best conversations and heard some mind blowing stories! i also got super inspired by all the carvers! harley, jarrod, bruce, fred, jon, rodger… too many to name! i picked up a few tools from the north house store and carved some spoons of my own! oh yeah! and the spring pole lathe!! gonna build one of those in the coming months to… any way.. here are a few pics from my grand adventure on the north shore..

      a minority of one anahata free album release


      i’m pleased to announce the long over due full length release of  a minority of one  “anahata”… and it’s free to download!

      click any picture to download the new album or

      click to download a minority of one anahata

      a minority of one anahata


      for this recording a minority of one was:

      jason hovatter

      markus wolff

      arrowyn craban

      jason oneill-butler

      james woodhead

      brian booty


      01 bowl sung

      02 work makes free

      03 anahata

      04 sweat of the face

      05 woodseedstoneskin

      06 inertia

      07 wave rolls (psychedelic version)

      08 water is love


      cover artwork “aesthesis” by jh, kid skin and kangaroo leather appliqué on steer hide

      insert photos by ryhs balmer

       Aesthesis, (greek: “to breath in”), is the space between our practiced senses of touch, taste, seeing, hearing, and smelling. It is feeling, it is a common sense that unifies the others. The organ with which we experience and perceive aesthesis is the heart. Heart based perception is for me an essential practice, without which i would be lost, in this age of constant sensory distraction and reductionist linear explanations of the world around us. Ancient peoples utilized this awareness on a daily basis, communicating directly with the plants around them to understand their many uses, with animals to ask for assistance in feeding and clothing their families and with the spirits of the land and sky for guidance along the way. Aesthesis is our direct communication with the spirit that moves in all things.

       i created this piece many years ago for the first (& last) annual “heathen art show” here in portland at optic nerve arts, curated by a. von rautman and markus wolf.  it’s a 7 color kid skin appliqué tapestry measuring about 2 1/2 ft wide by 3 1/2 ft high. the design is inspired by ancient hungarian “magyar” motifs.

       many thanks to mr stephen harrod buhner author of “the secret teachings of plants: the intelligence of the heart in the direct perception of nature” and many other fine works. i have borrowed the word ‘aesthesis’ and his explanation of it here as it was a direct

      influence in the creation of this piece.

      package design layout by jh


      01 bowl sung

      when i first began to consider how to bring this project out onto stage to perform this music live i teamed up with a friend (balam mcnally). we spent long hours creating bizarre instruments that sounded as if they’d been run thru effects processors but where in fact  completely acoustic in nature. the best of these was a large copper bowl, maybe 4 feet wide and a foot or so deep… i built a hanging strap system and filled it about half full of water. this song was recorded entirely in and on that copper bowl.


      02 work makes free

      i’ve long been fascinated by the sounds of my everyday life… markus and i recorded this song utilizing the tools and sounds i work with in my shoe making shop along with a beautiful little iranian zither that he brought along and a bowed cymbal or two. this happened right around the time i bought this house i’d been living and working in for a few years and big in my mind at the time was how deeply grateful i was and am to this space where i live, work and play music and that thru the sweat of my brow am able to keep up the payments… work truly can set you free! also included are samples from a set of recordings of everyday sounds from papua new guinea, a family chopping down a tree. we always include wood chopping in live performances of this song.


      03 anahata

      this song arose from a night at home when i overheard arrowyn doing a bit of chakra vocal toning and noticed the similarity in pitch to a new singing bowl i’d just gotten.. i grabbed the bowl and joined her! this song really is literally at the heart of this set of recordings. we’re also joined vocally by markus and jason o.b. on flute.


      04 sweat of the face

      again, at the time i was thinking a lot about the work i do and the joy it brings me. this song is dedicated to and a celebration of working hard and it’s just rewards.


      05 woodseedstoneskin

      recorded in a ritual setting using wooden percussion, a seed shaker, stones and a handmade elk skin drum.


      06 inertia

      recorded live at my first solo amo1 performance in october of 2010 at satyricon in portland, or., i caught live drum and glass percussion loops and recited lyrics from a song i did years ago under the name “torture chamber” with mr jon canady. this song in it’s original form had been inspired by the bret easton ellis book “american psycho”. “i think to myself that this place eats the sound, does not digest it, and will never, shit it out.”


      07 wave rolls (psychedelic mix)

      markus, jason o.b. and myself attempted to do our own version of the classic veljio tormis choral classic “wave rolls” a few years ago and released it on our “bathe in fiery answer” album. i had the tune stuck in my head for weeks and would sing it to my self constantly.. one morning as i sung under my breath i started to hear a super noisy bm style guitar grating along to the tune in my head and called my friend brian, who is the mastermind of one of the few metal bands i really love “l’acephale” and fellow band mate in “waldteufel”, to see  if he’d be interested in working on a metal version with me. i also asked james woodhead who collaborated on the last amo1 record and has played several shows with me if he’d like to work on this as well, he has a small collection of beautiful analogue synths that he uses in his projects “at the head of the woods and elemental chrysalis” and the tracks he came up with just blew my mind… as i listen to this new version of the song it gives me the same nearly overwhelming feeling of liquid panic that i sometimes feel just as a strong  hallucinogen like lsd or mushrooms are taking hold, it takes me to those moments when everyday perception begins to separate from that which is about to be revealed…


      08 water is love

      one of my continued experimentations with blending different time signatures and home made instruments, this song features a 7 foot long tube drum i made several years ago with a 3 foot long spring protruding from the raw hide drum head.