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we teach 3-4 day long shoemaking courses designed to introduce you to a wide range of patterning and leather working skills. classes are held at my home basement/garage workshop space in north portland oregon. from the complete beginner to practicing leather workers and experienced shoe makers there’s plenty for everyone to learn…

we teach several styles of “NON LASTED” shoe construction..

most of you are familiar with the old wooden shoe forms seen in antique shops…
those are lasts. most shoes built on a last end up being very stiff and narrow in the toes..
(think mens’ dress shoes, cowboy boots, high heeled fashion shoes)

what we do is very different from that!
in class we’ll start by making a casting of your foot/feet…
we use the natural shape of your feet when patterning our shoes achieving a really comfortable fit. our shoes are generally really flexible as well. my philosophy is that the first and most important thing a pair of shoes needs to do is protect your feet from hot, cold, wet, sharp things on the ground… other than that a shoe should stay out of your foots way and allow it to work as it is designed to work. that said i do understand that many of us have existing foot health problems… please bring your custom orthitics and correct toes to class with you… we’ll make room for them in our shoes!

NOTE: classes are limited to 6 students each and they fill up fast!

HOW MUCH?: $350–$600

WHERE?: Portland, Oregon

ONE ON ONE: Group classes don’t fit your schedule? Click here to find out more.

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Classes We Offer


Modern Turn Shoe

my modern take on the scandinavian turn shoe.. with a simple lace up closure and clean modern lines this all leather shoe is super comfortable, flexible and durable. this class covers a wide range of hand and machine sewing techniques..

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Oxford Dress Shoe

my “non lasted” take on this classic design! more flexible than the typical hard soled men’s dress shoe. in this class we get a bit more in depth and take a little more time in patterning, skiving and sewing on various industrial machines..

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Sandals (various styles)

Build a custom pair of sandals for your summer adventures!

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welted moccasin boot

Welted Moccasin Boots

super comfortable and durable these welted side lace moccasins are a little more refined than what you’ll find at most ren faires and festivals.

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Internal Stitchdown Work Boots

the internal stitchdown boot is one of my signature styles. these are my everyday gardening, adventuring, hiking work boot. in this class we’ll cover a wide range of hand and machine sewing techniques..

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Scandinavian Turn Shoe

my signature style based on a classic 10th century Northern European design. Made from incredibly durable bull hide and heavy oil tanned latigo these are my every day shoes. these shoes are 100% hand sewn!

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Chukka Boot

These are my comfortable everyday around town work boots with a cushioned vibram outsole. we cover a wide range of hand and machine sewing techniques in this class.

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German Turn Shoe (9th century)

great for kicking around your back yard, city streets or even wilderness adventures, we offer 2 styles to choose from in this class; T-strap or simple slip on turnshoe. based on ancient 9th century german designs.

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